Love Hate Coffee Woes

Dunkin' Donuts eggnog latte is okay. It could also be the location where I purchased it, so I have to try another before I make my decision. But Starbucks eggnog latte is still the best I've tasted. 

Whole Foods has it, but I was told at the location where I go to that it might not happen this year. Though, again, could just be the worker was misinformed, or didn't want to bother. And theirs is okay, as well, but has proven to be a hit or miss. 

Dunkin's is sweet, and Whole Foods could have a taste of being burnt slightly, probably due to the barista steaming the eggnog/milk too much. 

Starbucks is just right, most of the time--because you could experience an off-day barista there, as well. 

I tended to move away from Starbucks, also, because of price and politics. Though I will say, they have not engaged in it too much as of late. 

It seems trivial, but just having the festive feeling during the holidays, no mater what you celebrate, is something that makes the day a little better. 

Working crazy hours, hard work, trying to do what you truly love on those off moments, or on your commute, and all the other lovely things that happen from day to day can burn you out. 

I'm not asking for too much. Just a gift, or snowflake on my cup. Sometime to smile at. 

From what I've seen this year, Starbucks and Dunkin' are doing it, so there's that. 

Look, writers blood is coffee. So we spend most of our time brewing, or buying. Sometimes it's not important, just a matter of getting some caffeine before the headache reminder, but enough nonsense and customers notice. 

Ugh. Perhaps I'll just go to Starbucks and get an eggnog latte. They are very good. 



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