We Are Alone

We are here alone. No matter how many people are around us, we are inside our heads and until someone figures out a way to penetrate our thoughts, we will always be alone. Even as we vacate this world. 

I enjoy playing my PS4, Call of Duty is one I'm currently playing. It's a bit harder than previous iterations, but I'm getting down the learning curve and getting a better kill to death ratios. 

I get on the battleground and go against many others from all around the world, and all other systems (this version of the game can do that). 

What I do is jump into a game and shoot, blindly sometimes, and I get some other players on the other team, and I rejoice, and then BAM, I'm a gonner, and then I come back and do it all over again, and again, until the session ends some five to ten minutes later. 

I shoot, kill, and then die. I try to get as many as possible. Each time I take down someone on the other team, I propel my team towards an overall win. I do my best. I get better. 

I see a lot where people think about what they're doing in life, are they doing enough? I think about this a lot, myself. Am I good enough for my family? Am I getting the most pay? Am I writing enough, or paying attention to my loved ones dreams? 

You always want to be better, do better for those you love, do more work etc. But getting down about something you don't have power over is not a way to go about it. It's a downward spiral into depression and regret, and then the end looms. 

As long as you wake up in the morning, you have the opportunity to work on these things.  

Yes we are alone, but while we're here we have to try our best to do what we can. There's still fun to be had, things to be learned, obstacles to get around. Read A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens. It's a great reminder of this, especially around the holidays when everyone tends to be blue. 

Yes we're alone, but until it's over we have a chance to do things every waking second (some even while they sleep, but that's another story.) 

If we get taken down a notch, that's okay. You get back into the session and keep going. Each time you get into it you get better. 

And sure, there will be times you can't do much, but you'll do better next time. At least you acknowledge you want to better. 

The mere fact that you worry about these things mean you actually do care and do want to change something. So get to it, before it's too late and the session is over. 

Talk soon. 



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