Do You Have What It Takes?

Being successful at becoming a published writer can feel daunting at times. Especially when I think about how many writers there are out there chasing the same dream. Or how many openings there are (not many), wherever they may be--like movie scripts, novels, etc. And then how I see writers are sometimes treated. 

I've seen where a writer completes a script for a movie, or series, and it's green-lighted to go ahead, and then something happens and they get a whole new team of writers. 

And I'm sure there are many other instances or ways this can play out. 

Then, on top of that, you have those feelings of inadequacy and such that writers go through when they see other writers who are touted as great and such--or if they've just read another writer they feel blows them out of the water. 

And there are many arguments for these situations, similar to Darwin's natural selection and such. But that's not what I'm thinking about here. 

What I am thinking about is all one really has to do is get their material in front of the eyes of someone who wants to read it. 

Sounds simple, but is very much so not. 

I mean, sometimes you can get lucky, I suppose. But that may take time and such. 

Then I though about it. In order to really make it big, like mainline bestsellers, is to have millions buy/read your work. 


Then there are the writers who make a decent living (perhaps not millions, but decent), who are able to live off of their sales and do what they love. 

And that sounds nice, as well. 

But these slots are few, and the best selling ones are almost lottery. At least from what I've seen. 

There are so many factors that go into it. Some may be simply being at the right place at the right time, some knowing people, some having the ability and stories that genuinely attract the agents and editors and, most importantly, the readers. 

It's a big, huge, industry. And a lot goes into it. Foreign and domestic rights. Electronic. Hard cover and paperback. 

I guess, without making this thought too complicated and without going off in many different directions. The goal is to get to the top, or at least almost the top. Not to waste time. To keep evolving and reading and writing, and keep submitting. 

At some point you'll know if you have the chance to make it. Or if you want to just write for yourself, because you need to do it. But that is another thought/subject. 



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