Take Time For You

It's been a busy few months. I've been working my rear off, trying to get some writing in. Surprisingly, I've been able to do more than usual. Still not what I want. 

But you have to do what you can. 

This Thanksgiving, I was given the opportunity to take off Black Friday. Now, being I do a lot of the cooking, having off the next day was a relief. I could rest. And actually enjoy the cooking I did the day before. 

But then I realized. I hadn't taken a Black Friday, or any day close to the holidays, off since I started at my place about 14 years ago. 

It felt good. Real good. 

Sometimes you have to take time and relax. You have to look around and see where you've gotten to in life. Plan things going forward, or just remember the old times. Otherwise, you're just slamming forward and never seeing anything around you. 

It's easy to do this when you are working to support yourself (and your family) and working on the side to seek your dreams. 

Sacrifice. That's what made all those who made it get where they are. Sure. But you can burn out. And sometimes, if it takes a bit longer to get to where you're going, you can be grinding for a long period before anything takes off. And if you don't rest you surly will burn out. Sometimes you will burn out big time. And then you may not even want to do what you love any longer. 

Of course if it's something you truly love it will come back, but you want to try and not have any of these setbacks happen. 

I remember watching some videos for YouTube channels that showed you how to do things to increase your chances of creating a successful channel. Of course, there is never a surefire path to anything. But these things can help, so you know the pitfalls and such. 

I remember one of the episodes talking about fatigue. And how if you overdo it you run the risk of burning out. Then you can look at it as something you hate. 

I was putting out three videos a week. Rushing on the train and during lunch to get them done. And it was rewarding when I finished them, sure. But a lot of other things were put on the back-burner because of this. One of them being my writing. 

It did keep me energized for creating, but all the time was used up for the video editing and thinking of the next shows that there was nothing left for the other endeavors. 

I decided, before I start hating this, let me slow down. Now I do one a week, sometimes not even that. I see the analytics. There is more than enough content up there that if the channel became an overnight hit the viewers would not be bored. 

If/when that happens, then I can rethink how much I upload. Until then, I have made more time for writing. And keeping my piece of mind. 

So make sure you take the time, always having breathing space. And if you feel you're not doing something because you want to do it, rethink what's going on. Because it can be more hurtful to you in the end. 

Now I'm off to get some leftovers. Maybe read (gasp!). 



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