Live Like You're Dying

Not too long ago I had a scare. I was having anxiety attacks, but didn't know why. I know I am a nervous person, and have some OCD and such, but never did I think it could manifest itself in such a physical way. 

Well, boy did it. 

Medication (Which I quit in a week, couldn't take it) and some therapy later (cognitive), I'm okay. Mental issues happen to a lot of people, perhaps just about everyone to certain degrees. And in today's crazy world, it ain't getting any better. 

So I try to stop myself along the way and, as the saying goes, smell the roses. And I think to a great degree I've been fairly successful. 

It is crazy how much you realize how much you want to tell others certain things when you think the end is near. 

Well, this has been another busy week, but I heard some bad news about another writer a few days ago of his child passing. 

This is terrible, and he is in my prayers. 

All those thoughts I had before came rushing back, along with new ones. This is possibly the worst thing to happen to anyone, the death of a loved one, let alone a child. 

Never take anything for granted. You don't know how long you have with those around you. 

There is a song that comes to mind and brings a tear to my eyes. Live Like We're Dying by Kris Allen. This song really makes you think about things. Makes you wonder, what will you say when you are on your death bed looking back, thinking about what you've done, or how much time you've spent with those who matter. 

Think about it. Listen to the song. Go out and do things different. Because if you're reading this, it's probably not too late. 

Talk soon. 



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