It's Been Awhile

I I know it's been a while. It's been pretty rough at work. 

Trying to fit in writing here and there has been the task at hand.

Speech to text seems to be an ally at the moment.

I'm trying it because there is a practice of reading your work out loud as a method of editing and catching things that don't sound right. With the speech-to-text, done correctly, may cut down on that step.

It makes sense on paper, let's see if it works in the real world. Think about it though. You are speaking, sure like a robot, but still speaking and to some degree will sound like you are speaking out loud.

I am working on a Friday Musing.

I did enjoy the picture and question I used to do.

I have been looking at other blogs and see what's what and a thing I see often is comparing a life experience to something you want to make a point with. Or something in that manner. 

Let's see.

I have been staying away from Twitter, looking at my feed maybe three times a day. It has been great on my mind. Having that constant notification and aggravation was not helpful to my creativity. 

It's only been maybe half a week so let's see how that goes.

Either way I will talk soon.



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