The Process

I have to start getting down to business. I've done some short stories, which I'll finish up and then try to find a home for them. But I have to start working on the longer stories--my novels. 

Now it may have changed a bit, but for the most part, the whole process is still pretty much how I remember from when I researched the whole deal. 

Once you submit a story to an agent, that agent is going to decide if they can sell it, they're going to go through their roster of people who are looking for exactly what you offered. 

Most of the time, when they accept your work, it's because they already have a possible home for it. 

Think of a real estate agent. The sellers come to them with their home, the agent looks at the dwelling, they decide what they could do with it, how much, etc, and then go over their roster. I've seen some even say they have the perfect buyers. 

A literary agent is similar. They'll know which houses, or editors in that house, want specific stories. 

They'll ask if you have more ready. Novels. Because about six months later the publisher is going to want the next story, to keep you relevant. Even though some writers put novels out sometimes years between, you may not be known yet like that and need to have exposure. 

Plus, if you are able to, of course, keep 'em coming, at least for the readers. 

So you just happen to be working on another novel, and show your agent some of it. They think it's cool. Keep working on it. 


So the agent shows the first story to a place and lets just say they love it. Well, the editor, at least. It's probably going to be read by a few people before being read again, before going to a conference with some of the higher ups in the company where the editor, or acquiring editor, has to prove why they think the novel can make money and is a smart investment. 

So lets say they convince them. 

"Very good, uh, do they have anything else?" 

Lets say you do. 

Perfect. Now the editing and such happens, this takes a bit. Remember, your story may not be out for another year or two, this is why they want other novels, to start the process this one is going through. 

Somewhere along the line you'll get a deal. They may want to lock you into a contract for a couple of novels, if they feel you're the next hottest thing--or something along those lines. 

You'll, of course, have to keep writing your next stories. 

Somewhere along the line they'll have gone over your history. Blog posts, short stories, how you carry yourself on social media. If you are salable and attractive--yup, I've read this somewhere. May not be up front about it, but if you have an attractive appearance, they can sell this. 

They want to know their investment is worth it, if you're in this for the long run and not just a one hit wonder--if that. If you're not a liability by insulting many people. Not that you don't have to have an opinion, but some writers can get a bit nasty, or hot headed, and go off on social media tangents about anything from politics, to personal views, if anything pissed them off that day and such. 

You see, if you insult a bunch of people who could be potential dollar signs to the house, that's no bueno. 

Some will have feelings about this, thinking they don't care they're going to speak their mind, and that's fine. You're welcome to your opinion and such. But if you're serious about being a writer, then you'll show some constraint. Maybe share opinions on personal accounts. 

I always say, readers are coming to us to escape, not to plunge into the very stories they are trying to get away from. 

At the end of all this, if you have jumped every hurdle (and I'm sure there are some I've missed, or maybe one too many, depending on different situations), then you are well on your way to becoming a best selling author. Or just a paid author. Which is a good thing. Yes indeed. 

Now the only thing left is keeping up your appearance/image, and creating more stories. 

That's a whole different subject. But if you're on a roll, and you feel it, you know you have more inside. They will come

How close are you? 

Let me know in the comments below or if on Twitter here

Can't wait to hear from you. 



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