Second Day Back

Second day back at work. At the cafe doing my thing before I head in. The anxiety is not as bad as yesterday, but its still there. 

I have three stories I'm trying to finish off, but I don't want to just tie them off and throw them to the curve for collection. I want to make them nice. 

Then conflicting thoughts about just getting them out there push their way in and I look up and sigh. 

I have to get these finished and get to editing one of the two novels I had finished. Get things moving. 

You know? 

I had so much time during vacation, but when you're afforded all that time you get lazy. I did do a lot, though. But now the crunch is back, the day job is back. It's fall. The roller coaster car is climbing the track, about to hit the apex. Looking over you can see everything that has to be done. Going over everything is a blur. 

I have to keep up. 



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