Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival

I've got my moon cakes. I've been wanting to try these for quite a while now. 

I bought a pack from a local Asian store and will finally get to taste one. 

A while back I was able to get a pack, but there was no expiration date and I forgot to check at the place. So I never got to eat those. 

Now that I've had one I can say it smells a little like a fortune cookie, and tastes like a pastry.

The one I had was filled with red bean paste. There are many other flavors that I'm sure taste equally delicious. 

Now I know these are mini, and don't have the duck egg that the bigger ones contain, but that's ok. 

Maybe next year I'll pick up one of the more expensive versions. 

Until then, go out and try this, it's pretty good. 

And for those celebrating, happy Mid-Autumn festival! 



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