Back to Business

So back to school, back to work. Kids rushing off to first days of class, getting all their supplies. 



Work starts to pick up again as people come back from their vacations. 

The cool air hasn't quite found it s way back to NY yet, but it's going to come soon--and when it does it's usually all at once. 

One day warm, next day frigid. 

Pumpkin spice this and that, pumpkins and Halloween candy in supermarkets. 


And before you know it the holidays are abound. 

It's important to know that even though all this change it's easy to loose sight of what you're goals are. 


Makes it rough to concentrate. 

I'm sitting here in this cafe I come to sometimes when I'm a bit early for work, and my mind is frozen. 

I'm using this post to try and push me out of this state, but I know it's probably because in about an hour I'll be inside my day job after not being there for a little more than two weeks. 

But it should be find, I'll be fine. You'll be fine. 

I'm already feeling something spark, so I guess I should get to the Word doc. Writing anything you can think of really does help--blog posts are just a bit more focused. 

Talk soon. 



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