I'll Figure Something Out

I know. I haven't been posting lately as much as I used to. 

Whether you come for the surreal art, or for the posts which I do try to make original (I put time into the things I write on here, true thoughts I'm thinking about), and there does seem to be at least a few of you at his point, judging from the numbers in analytics, but whatever you come for (takes a breath), know that I'm still thinking about things and hope to post more soon.

The day job is picking up the pace, no more slower summer days. 

I'm trying to step up my writing game, which means more rejections and less submissions. 

I'm also trying to get a YouTube channel off the ground, with a show Gary Buller and I do Sundays. I had bigger plans for that, too, the YouTube channel I mean, with more frequent posts, but alas the day job and other duties put an stop to that. 

And less frequent significant blog posts. When I say significant, I mean the Mon, Wed and Friday blogs I did. They had the art, though thought and the question. 

I have to remember what all this is for. 

The writing. That's the end goal. A novel. Many novels. 

I do want to engage with new followers, and hope to do something with that (this blog) soon.

I am finding a spot to do the posts, just before I start writing, to prime myself and that works, but then I hit the posting dilemma. 

It's easy enough to get some thoughts on here, but then I have to post it to Twitter, Then Google plus, then Facebook messenger. If there is art work I put it on Instagram. 

It seems easy enough, but on top of everything else, to make a unique post for each of those sites becomes a challenge. Especially since I should be writing during that time. 

Then there's working on the next blog post, and the art work isn't easy, either. 

Sometimes I could take a few hours with that, depending on how intricate it gets--layers and all. Taking the pictures. Then I get bigger ideas and add to that. 

What I'm saying is I have to figure something out, because I love doing all these things, but it gets very challenging juggling them all at once. 

And I have to keep in mind, I'm here to write, to be a writer, to create stories and get them out to readers. I hope to make it a career and be able to quit my day job--to make this my day job. 

But that won't happen unless I do it. 

So I'll figure something out. 

Have you had anything that you had to give up, or slow down with, in order to focus on the true goal? 

Let me know in the comments below, or on Twitter HERE.

Can't wait to hear from you. 


Also, check out the latest Horror show with the crew of The Grey Rooms Podcast and their recent episode about spiders! Link here. Or embedded below. 


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