Your Job Or Your Dream?

Your job or your dream? 
So I have a very important choice. I have a change coming up at work. 

The manager there, just as all the ones that came before, wants to make their mark and torment the workers, old and new, to make some sort of mark that will never get noticed and they'll probably just end up leaving shortly anyway--this particular manager already expressed as much a few months ago. Plus, as long as I've been there, I've seen it all before. 

The dilemma lies with me looking for another job. 

The problem expands with my dream not having enough time. 

My writing. 

I have a road map of sorts laid down and this was definitely not on that path. 

I got a few offers to go inside where i'm working (as i'm working through an outside company through my current company), but that would require a new learning period, and possibly longer hours and take away from the little writing time I already have. 

Plus I don't really want to be there at all. 

Granted, I don't know what the move entails, but there are other factors I am thinking about that I can't disclose. 

One I can is I've been working with this company, via my current company, and the one before it, for about twelve years. So I'd be loosing seniority. 

Either way. The point of this post is this. Do I venture on and take the job and possibly throw a huge wrench into the momentum I've built with my writing, or continue with my current company until things go south and I'm forced to move on? 

Anything can happen. 

Of course there are other factors, but when you strip down every aspect and complication, at it's core this is simply an issue of do  you follow your dream or your burden of a day job? 

Maybe I'll send in my resume and see where it goes. 

But the dream, to be a writer, is what I really want to do--where my heart is. 

Have you ever had a situation where you had to choose your dream or to move forward in your job?

Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter  @WCMarchese.

Hope to see you there. 


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Mr Deadman said…
holy Hell. that's the crossroads creative minds fear. At least the ones with a steady job with an income that provides.

I don't know. My dad would say get the job that can afford you the life you want, including your hobbies. I used to rebel against that advice and was a broke dreamer, now I create a schedule around work.

I think no matter what you do, you will find a way to do what you enjoy. You are passionate about writing, and you'll find the time. You'll find time in ways you haven't before because of necessity and determination. I know that for a fact.

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