This, That, It, Something, huh?

This is an important subject I've noticed I fall prey to many times. I have to go back and catch it (no, not "it" explain what IT is!) 
See? I can go back and say, "I have to go back and catch these minor things." But then things is sort of in the same realm. What things? Though, if there is a modefier I guess it's ok. Depends on the situation. 

Surly the reader knows what you're talking about with these words, no? If you put it in the prior paragraphs. Right? 


See, your average reader doesn't recall everything. Most of the time they are on the subway, or being bothered from all sides, many times. Kids, the phone, the boss lol. 

To concentrate in these busy times is very. If you fill in an action, or thing, or anything, with this, that, it, something--words like those--then you can confuse the reader and make your article, or story, cryptic. 

I like that word. It reminds me of Tales From the Crypt. 

Your building a scene, going great, then you say from the trees this thing swung down. 

Sometimes we don't even realize we're doing this mistake. And there are times it's okay to leave these fillers. But when it becomes too much, you have to explain what exactly "it" is. 

That "thing" swinging down from the tree could be a swing, a vine, heck even a rope with nails and spikes--now that's a scary image. 

But if your reader doesn't know what you are implying, then they won't see it, they won't understand. And you can ruin your whole scene, or article. 

I've been watching out more for his little mistake I perpetrate. 

Do you find yourself falling into this hole? And what do you do about it? What other situations do you have? 

Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter  @WCMarchese.

Hope to see you there. 


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