Thank You Fans, May I Have Some More?

How grateful are you to those who read your work?
How do you show that gratefulness? Do you do a free give away? Shout their name on social media? Or do you help them to achieve what they are trying to reach for in life?

I try to do some of those things, to connect with my readers/listeners by including them in conversation with blog posts and YouTube. But more and more, as I become the writer and paid author I am working to become, things will change up a bit. I'll still be engaging, but listeners will evolve into fans more than peers. 


Perhaps updates and happenings for fans who read my novels and such. Or just things that are going on and my views. But peers can still hang and network, find new fans interested in their work and such. 

And of course I'll want to get the opinions of those around me. So some things won't change. 

But change is inevitable.
The great success is still a bit off, unless some profound mirical happens and I'm signed somewhere within the next month (haha), and I will probably always post things to help my fellow artists. You don’t have to just be writers to have a dream.

I do other forms of art; I play drums, very VERY little guitar, sketching, painting. 

I’ve been messing with this art program on my phone and tablet, with which I do most of my thumbnail art and have done covers for anthologies. The program is called Autodesk Sketchpro, for those interested. 

I have friends who are seeking their dreams, like directing, and screen play writing. Some are actors, musicians. 

What do we all share? We share the drive to make it, traveling down that road and trying to see what works for us as individuals. 

But when you do make it, who is it propping you up? Those who engage, who read and listen and buy your work. 

Ultimately they are the ones who matter. Because without them you would not be where you are, in any stage of your game. 

So, my question for today is this: How do you thank or reward your fans or people who support your work?

Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter  @WCMarchese.

Hope to see you there. 


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