My Ideas Scare Me At Times

Do you scare yourself with what you think about? 
Sometimes I have thoughts about crazy things. Situations that are like movie scenes. At times they can seem like day dreams, or fantasies. They are things I don't want to see, and things I love to see. Sometimes they can drive me crazy--make me look at life in a different way. 

Sometimes they are scenes I enjoy while trying to fall to sleep. 

I remember when I did them as a kid. I'd daydream I was with my school crush, and we'd start a life together. My imagination would add all the details and i'd watch a movie unfold. 

Or sometimes I'd be a kid with karate skills taking on the bullies. Or as Iron Man with a suit I could stop villains with. 

These are all cool, and even if you don't have too much of a life, one who has an imagination can really create a world with which to escape. 

A great book can do this for you, as well. 

But then there are those times when something takes over. Thoughts you may not want there. The past. Things you may have wanted to forget. 

But it's times like these when you should embrace these thoughts. See where they go. The thoughts might lead you to a place you needed to be. You might obtain a nugget of a truth needed for a story you were working on. Or the thoughts may help you out of a serious problem you've been thinking about. 

My thoughts can be great, and liberating. And other times they can be scary and downright frightening. 

Do you scare yourself with your thoughts? Or are all of them wonderful and roses? And do you let them guide your ideas? 

Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter  @WCMarchese.

Hope to see you there. 


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