Do The Opposite - Go Your Own Way

Should you take advice from others?
Let's say there’s an important step you have to take. A new job, or a new direction with your dream. But you are unsure of which path to choose. To make it worse, you ask people and get mixed answers.

Deep inside you know what that answer is, because if the answers you are getting don’t match what you feel then you will not like the answers you received.

You may want to rebel against what others say, it just feels so right to go with what you believe. But you just don't know. 

You may be steered wrong by individuals who have malicious intent, yet parading as an ally.

Other times the person you ask is not equipped with the experience to give you advice.

You have to understand what you feel inside, what you want from life. You will make the decision sooner or later. Will you choose the wrong direction?

Only you know that. Don’t let other’s run your life. 

Or like James Caan says, "Observe the masses and do the opposite." 

I like that, because following is not me, and probably not you, either. And you know it. 

If you follow you're just going to be as good as the one you are following. And you want to soar higher. Do your own thing. 


So separate yourself, spread your wings, and take off. 

As the song by Fleetwood Mac goes, Go Your Own Way. You'll be happier in the end. 

Do you take advise, or gather a bit from everyone and make a decision? Or do you push it aside and just go your own way?

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Hope to see you there. 


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