Something Inside

There's something inside me that, when it comes out, takes control over most of my thoughts. I like when this thing comes out, because things get done. Not to say that things don't get done when I'm in a different mood, but this particular mood is a go-getter. I liken the personality to a Tony Stark type personality

I have snappy remarks to those being wise-guys to me, and thoughts come from my mind with the quickness. I might be writing this with that personality manning the help right this very moment.

I will probably know with the words I choose to use. This personality goes out on a ledge at times. It speaks its mind.

There are limitations to this mainframe, or muse, or whatever you want to call it, but it comes with the territory.

Some say it's possession, some say mood, muse. I don't know. All I know is I realize when this feeling comes over me, and I try to take advantage when it does.

I guess you can say that's why some writers have different styles of writing, some of their stories are drastically different from others.

Can I provoke it? Most of the time, I guess. But sometimes it's there and doing its thing in force.

It also goes with another thought I had about worrying about your words when you look over them later. A more conservative mind looking over this muse's words later might not like what it sees--might want to change all the words around. Or, as the twoget to know each other, it will allow things to go through.

I'm talking like these are separate entities inside my head. Who knows? There's nothing magical. Just like when you write different characters, there are different frames of mind inside your head to write them.

Get to know them, no matter what creative endeavor you choose. Heck, even just to get through work at your job, or your daily tasks. It's almost like coming out of a movie theater as a kid and thinking you were the hero

Try it, let me know what you think.



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