Exposing Your Mind

People write, in blogs and on other forums where they expose they inner thoughts and such, about how they want people to see them. I'm sure at some point they had a great idea of what they wanted to say, some nugget of memory from the past that they feel represents their personality, thinking they will connect with an audience on some level that is wonderful but just out of reach after the daydream bubble pops, but maybe somewhere along this line of thought they became scared of what people might think of them.

Sure it was cool as you were listening to that song. That's me! you think. And you want people to know! But then you start thinking (uh oh, that dreaded thing--thinking--that could be great, or detrimental to your soul). And you come back down from the clouds, and back into your body, and you think, well, I’m not that interesting.

It's happened to me, too. In fact, looking back at this writing I am having second thoughts. But I made a decision (at least for the most part) to just post these things. Later I can look back and cringe, or go hmmmm, that's a good point, I'm glad I let that go up.

To fully expose yourself is frightening, though. I'm sure some won't admit to this fear, but it's there. There may be other factors that come into play. Like an agenda. Then, it doesn't matter if that individual exposes their inner ponderings, because for that particular cause, or whatever it is they want to get across, they are comfortable with the exposure for that particular event. They may even see themselves as something else, an alter ego, or, yeah.

Hmmm. Either way. That might not make sense outside of my head. And if it doesn't I apologize. But I guess the easiest way around not exposing your inner mind, things you don't want others to see, is to just stop, press exit, and start up a new document with something else you are more comfortable with talking about.

But think about this, when you were a kid and you were afraid to swim, and you saw all the other kids playing and swimming, and you then decided to just jump in and try it, and were happy you did--remember that? Well, what if you didn't. What if you never jump in. Well, then you'll never know. And you'll wonder how it could have been.

Just jump in, sheesh.

Yeah. Nice chat.



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