Can it be Done?

I hate when my glasses fog up in humidity. Or when they get smudged, it aggrivates me to no end. But I stop and clean them. Nothing else I can do. I want to see. You know? 

I got to thinking about how much work it takes to write a novel. Takes quite a while to read one, imagine the other side of it. 

I've read about writers who needed a team to help them put their yarn together. I guess to make sure things add up and all the intricacies that go into a story make sense when seen inside the reader's mind.

Do all writers need that? Na. Some do. The story can definetly be made better even if you don't need the team, thiugh. Some can just put something together off the cuff. Some can't. Or time does not permit them. I mean, having a team is done lots of times on TV series, or movies. 

But writing is different. 


Then I started thinking of exactly how intricate things can get and I realized it takes a lot of work and a lot of concentration. I mean, one can just get by without delving too deep into this or that, and there will be those who still dig their story, but the novel then runs the risk of looking slim, not enough meat added to the bones of the tale. I've even seen bestselling authors be called out for what the critic thought of as just that. Many different opinions, right? 

I sat back and let my mind wander as I watched the trees out my window sway with the wind. And my brain calculated--as if often does with its OCD self--how much work it would take to make a novel that has complexities and depth. 

Would it be fun? Yes, but time consuming, most definetly.

And then I added to the equation all the outside distractions that play a part in thwarting me. Not my family, because that is a worthwhile distraction. But work, which is necessary to survive. And all the other things. Like social media, which I've beem thinking about a lot lately. 

If done correctly, it can be a fun and learning experience. One can build up aquaintences and forge contacts with places they need to know. 

In this day and age it's a somewhat necessary evil. 

But it can also be a terrible deterrent, a time waster. It can be something that brings one down with so many posts its impossible to read and interact with them all. 

Then there are the bad parts to it. Of which I'm sure there are many stories from everyone reading this. 

So my take away. 

Yes, it's possible to make a great story, especially if you already know a publisher wants it (Motivation). 

But it seems impossible through the lens of life. 


So maybe the only solution would be to get a wipe and clean that thing. Right? 



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