Webcams Ugh...

Looking at various webcams. There are two that I've heard are good on YouTube, both from Logitech. One is the C920, which is the older model. The C922 is the newer of the two. 

Logitech - C920 Pro Webcam - Black - Front_ZoomI've seen some tests that show the prior 920 actually works better in some instances, but it could have been the location of it. 
Logitech - C922 Pro Stream Webcam - Front_Zoom

The sharpness did actually seem better in the 922. 

so I'll have to think this through, perhaps a few more videos comparisons. 

Logitech - 4K Pro Webcam - Front_ZoomThere is another model from Logitech vloggers swear by titled the Brio. This is a 200 dollar web came, so I'll be holding off on that. 


But the other two are more reasonably priced, and being I have a gift card from Best Buy, I'll probably be choosing one of those. 

Being the 920 is about 50, before tax, and the 922 is about 80, I just want to compare a tad more. But I'll probably go with the 922, being it can more than likely be tweaked and has more features. Though, sometimes the prior model can turn out to be better. 

Talk soon. 



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