There's Things to do

I think I delete more work than I come up with.

Well, here I am in Manhattan, at a Café, my coffee leave has turned into a weird bubble picture of itself, and I'm
loathing the thought of going into work.

A snow storm was supposed to have come through, but it's been "Delayed."

Got here early because there is a drastic reduction in the number of people going to work.

I turn to look out the window, at the ferry, the first few flakes starting to fall, and can't think of anything to write.

I'll think of something, but it's frustrating.

I'm thinking of Wednesday's YouTube show, what I have to do, excited for what is done, but still worrying about if I'm wasting too much time.

My body has been saying "screw you, I'm going to sleep" at night. And I understand. With all I’m doing I need to sleep. But it adds to the frustration.
I paint a positive attitude on top of it, but these are things I am feeling. I don't want to lie to myself.

Most important is how I overcome these emotions and thoughts. Do I ignore them? Do I confront them and deal with them, think them through?

Some can be ignored. Some have to be analyzed. Of course you can learn from these thoughts and worries. Even if most are just that, worry. Alarms and alerts to snooze or dismiss.

Either way, can't let it hinder me too much. There's things to do.

Talk soon.



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