A Place I Visit In My Dreams

I have vivid dreams. I find myself wanting to revisit some of them. There is one where I go to this house that is a conglomeration of all the places I've lived and known throughout my life. My old apartment with my parents' and sister growing up, my grandmother's place, my family upstate and their various houses.

When I'm in this dream, I know it sometime towards the middle or ending. Sometimes I can remember the dream, sometimes I cannot.

All of the times it is basically the same place, from a different point of view. One door opens up to a mountainscape. I don't know how this is, because from entry there are no mountains. There seems to be a bottomless chasm (I just know) before the mountains, but I don't see that, and don't know when the base of the mountains starts, which makes it more eerie.

Then there is the main place, which connects a few different apartments together to form a house-like structure. One side faces an urban-like street, another a more suburban street. Then another is up further, with the nearest dwelling unseen.

There is a hallway with old wall paper and a door, to an attic? Upon opening this door there is a passageway that is very narrow, yet it isn't. Once through, there is a whole other house. It is this part of the place that I feel (know) is haunted. Strange feelings happen here, and I seldom like to venture into this part without someone with me. Yes, someone in my dream.

I'm not necessarily lucid dreaming, but I am more aware when I'm in this house than most of my dreams.

I am only scratching the tip of the surface with these words, there is so much more to the place. And I'm sure I haven't even dreamt of it all as of yet. But just writing this down brings me back to it. I'm seeing it as I type, the rooms, the feeling of walking through the structure. Feelings I felt growing up in the portions of the house that represent the rooms and apartments I'd grown up within.

All of it is strange and probably means something. I'll figure it out. Maybe I already have. All I know is I'll be visiting again, soon.



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