Trip to Michael's

Had a late start to the day, but got quite a bit done. Food shopping and such. A Dunkin ice macchiato with an extra espresso shot really helped. 

Also took a trip to Michael's to get a few things. I always feel rejuvenated when I make a trip. The seasonal and items get me going. 

Sometimes they are a holiday or two ahead, where you can usually find celebratory items months out at least within some small section of the store, on a shelf in an isle off to the side. It's great. 

It's akin to supermarkets having Valentine's hearts in January, right after New Years. Some feel it's rushing life along, but I sit back and stretch out in the comforting chair that is my strange childhood. 

Some of these pictures are from the visit to Michael's today, the various holidays that are on display in the arts and crafts store. They even had some Valentine's day items left. 

Picked up many things, among them a tracing paper book for my daughter who is proving to be artistic like her mother and father. 

So even though some may think it moves life forward faster, and sometimes it can feel that way, but for the most part I feel it's just a wonderful roller coaster of life. Go out there and enjoy it. 



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