Writing Interpreters

I was talking to a writer friend the other day, and this crazy thought popped out.

You go into this fog, and things happen. Some things you know, some you don't understand. But they happen. And when you come out and your regular brain turns on, you look back and think, was I doing that? Was I in that world seeing those things?

This is an abstract subject, but it happens to writers alot.

It happens to me. Especially when I go into a day-dreaming trance.

These thoughts help you think and create, they help your dialouge ring true, among other things. The trick is representing those crazy thoughts into word for others to understand.

In a way, you can say we are interpreters of other worlds we are able to tap into.

We all get those awesome ideas, and sees our stories like a movie, but can we get that brilliant masterpiece onto paper in a way that does your thoughts justcie?

That's up to your talent and how much you practice your craft.

Are you able to harness those trance-thoughts? Do you go into a world when thinking about your stories?

Let me know in the comments below, or on Twitter @Wcmarchese



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