Friday Musings 2/2/2018

You could be as positive as can be, but that one comment from a jealous indiciindi can put you in a mood that strikes down your endeavors. At least for a bit. 
You know those people. I’ve talked about them before.
Energy Vampires.
Just being around them sucks all the positive thoughts from your soul, and even spare energy. 

You feel like you can’t do anything. Their negative views have a tendency to make sorrow and depression cool. It can weigh even the most positive of us.
Successful people know how to deal with these characters, they keep them far away. Use them in their stories as charachars to meet untimely deaths. Haha. 
It’s healthy.
But then there are the ones who see you are succeeding at what you do and choose to sabotage.
It seems like it can’t happen. And yes, it hurts a lot when you find out it’s the closest ones that perpetrate this mayhem. But once you know how to look for these individuals, and keep them far away, you can really get back on track.
It’s like a weight lifted. 

I’m sure you’ve heard that saying before. But it really is. Your creative energy really soars once they are out of the picture--or at least until you know how to deal with them.
Sometimes it can be a friend.
That really hurts.
A good example of this is Mexican-American music star Selena. One of her “biggest fans,” who started and ran her fan club, killed her because of it. Among other things. 
She had been fired two weeks earlier due to embezzlement. So there’s that, too.
It can be that one you don’t expect. 

Watch out. 
Do you know how to deal with Energy Vampires, or do you follow the keep your friends close, enemies closer rule? Do you have any stories of jealousy, or animosity towards your successes and such?
How do you feel when around such people?
Let me know in the comments below, or on Twitter @Wcmarchese
See you there.


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