The Fog

Sometimes there are so many things going on around me that this invisible film seems to surround my mind. I call it The Fog, though there are other names I call it.

Mostly annoying.

During this time period, the only thing I can do is edit, or simple things. I can write, but most of the time it comes out pretty bad.

If there is a deadline, this is the worst. Sometimes it clears just before the deadline ends, which just happened recently.

Which is why I’m writing this now. 

I was lucky, though. I got out of it just before I had to send something off. I was able to finish and get it out there. Thank God without a muddled mind. 

My day job has been very taxing recently and it's taken a bit of a toll on my creativity. I liken it to a picture that is forming on a computer screen. Back when the internet was dial up, pictures came up pixilated, then slowly sharpened as more data came through. That's how my work looks before I edit and sharpen and slap on some underlying meaning to it--or try to. 

The Fog can really hamper my art. 

I love when people around you say, "You've had all this time." But they don't understand that it's not easy getting into that mode, that way of thinking. 

Do you find you're in a fog sometimes? Or are you sharp and ready to go any time of the day, 7 days, 365 days a year? 

Let me know in the comments below, or on Twitter @Wcmarchese 

Hope to see you there. 


I've put this post into a YouTube video, to test things. I may do this from time to time, or just on Fridays post. 

Let me know what you think, and please subscribe to the YouTube channel. Thank you! 


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