Some More Time -- Uh Oh!

Last night I was working with a feverish frenzy, sorry for the cliche. 

But I was. 


Because I thought the deadline for a story I was working on had been Thursday, the 15th. 14th, actually, because the publication is on the other side of the world. 

So I put everything on hold and pecked at my keys. 

To add to this, I was asked to do an extra podcast from the one I already do on Friday. 

Normally i'd be chuffed (as my English friend likes to say), but this was only going to take more time away from the writing. 

On top of that, I needed to learn a program that lets me broadcast from Twitter on to YouTube live. 

Long story short, I figured it out enough to do what needed to be done, it went off pretty well (I'll be messing around with the controls on YouTube hopefully soon), and all was happy. 

Except for that nervous muse nagging me, "We've got to get this story done, I know your limitations!" 

I reserved my energy, because I knew I wasn't going to get anything done Saturday night, and edited a few stories for an anthology i'm helping a fellow writer with. 

The next day, Sunday, I needed to run around and do grocery shopping and other things, and felt the constant nagging that goes with a deadline and a tone of work that needs to be done. 

When we got home, I got to it and got a pretty decent way in. I figured I'd do most of it Sunday and work on editing and such when I got to work. 

But then I got a feeling and said, let me see the exact deadline, because I thought it might be earlier. 

I was pleasantly surprised to see I actually have until the end of the month. 


So now I'm sitting pretty, but that doesn't mean I'm going to let the work slow. I will pace it a bit more, because when i'm too rushed the muse folds it's arms and crosses it's legs, shifts to the side and turns up it's nose. 

So I'm good right now. 

What do you do when you're pressed for time? And when you are allowed more time, how good does it feel? Do you slow down, or go at it that much more? 

Let me know in the comments section below, or on Twitter @Wcmarchese

Hope to see you there. 



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