Sporadic Thoughts

As I get better at this blog thing, I know my writing will get better, too. I think of this blog as an evolution. A way to monitor that evolution. And, ultimately a sort of resume.

I am used to writing fiction, but this social stuff is a necessary evil. It lets you connect with peers and with the readers who want to get a bit more info on their favorite author. I'm not exactly there yet, and this blog, I feel, will be a documentary as I move along. Aspiring writers can see the steps and process getting into this. And we can talk. I will post experiences I've had, and maybe some other writers have had, to hopefully try and stop a writer from getting burned by crooks in the industry.

I also look at it this way, I am very busy throughout my day, and the best way to keep your skills fresh is by practicing them constantly. My cell phone has been a very big part in keeping up with this, as I can edit while on the subway and have revisions ready for me, or a post to edit for this blog, when I get behind my computer. Continuous writing is necessary to becoming a great writer--so is reading. When I stop I feel something fade, but in the thick of it there is an electricity pulsing and demanding for more writing and keeping connected into the worlds being created. This is different among different writers, but the basics are the same.

So keep writing, make a blog, get a domain and connect it to that blog, comment here and connect back and forth with meaningful conversation. Sorry for going off on thoughts sporadically. Hope it made some sense. 

Keep writing.


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