Plan of Action

     Finished my second novel and now it's back to editing the first. This is my current plan: to edit the first three chapters on the first novel and start sending it out. Then, as that's making the rounds, I'll continue editing the rest of it. All the while I'll be finishing up a short story I'm about to submit to a few places.

     I've also been messing around with this social media stuff--got a Facebook page going with Twitter and Instagram up and running. Even bought a domain name and connected it to my blog, what you're currently reading. I've been reading that social media is essential for writers today. Sort of like a resume, or something. It's also a way for fans to read what their favorite author is up to, or for writers like me, a place to talk about writing. Though the cool writers don't forget where they came from ;)

I'm pretty good with technology, so these things went pretty fast, though I do notice that the time I'm messing with it is time spent not writing and that worries me. Yet, all is good now, most of the hard stuff behind, so back to writing.
Talk soon.

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