Lost Dreams and Haters

     I was talking to a musician friend of mine about "haters," as it's commonly referred to these days. How people who are jealous because you are holding fast to your dreams. Some of them have already given up on their dreams. They ridicule and belittle those who are following their own. Some of them even leach onto you and follow along for the ride, while some show up when you have created success.

They see the success and wonder why it's not them, they deserve it, don't they? These people can be dangerous. They are different from people who never really cared for a dream. They once had the same yearning like me and my buddy and probably had been trying to pursue it, but for whatever reason, they gave up.

The dreamer rekindles something inside them, but instead of it having a positive effect, these people attack and try to bring you to their "reality." Kids, marriage, a job taking up spare time after hours (gak!). But these people, the ones who have given up, I say are dangerous because jealously can be very vicious, especially for people who think they are better than you. If they just hadn't had this happen, or that happen, or...you know the rest. There have been many famous counts of jealous people trying to destroy the career of a successful artist. The singer, Selena, being one of the most severe, someone she trusted; Mozart and his rival, Antonio Salter, who ended up killing Mozart. 

You have to look beyond these jealous people and keep the dream alive in your head. Some of the time what they're saying may be true, use that to better yourself. In the end you'll come out on top of their hate. But try to know your enemies, too. Because "frenemies" can be just as dangerous. 

I sometimes say that even if you were God forbid gone tomorrow at least you knew you were pursuing your dream--no matter how slow you were pushing along. You'd have been on the path and giving it your all. 

Jamesclear.com/haters has a good post on the subject, as do many other positive speakers. 

In conclusion, I feel for these people, because they obviously see something in you to warrant the jealousy. And as I said earlier, let their hate be your fuel to succeed. 

By the way, the musician friend's name is Kris Mcfadden, goes by the name Tha Pessimist. You can find him on iTunes and Google Play and Youtube. 

Keep writing. 



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