Back on Track

So I am there, writing, trying to get back into it. Lost it for a bit, as usually happens from time to time. But I realized that this is something that happens often and figured out how to combat it. 

I sat at the cafe, wondering why I felt strange, something just didn't seem right. And then I kept my eyes on the screen, thinking, editing. That's when I felt it. Something inside my mind was turned on. The only way I can explain it is like this: imagine a cold morning, you know you have to go to work in about 2 hours. You don't feel like eating. You want to vomit. And you don't want to go running, or get on the treadmill. But you force yourself, you get on and just start moving. Maybe you put on some music, maybe you watch a video on your phone, or TV. All of a sudden you feel it, and it keeps going, and you wonder why you hadn't wanted to get up and do this all this time, and you think about all the other times you're gonna get your butt up and get on this treadmill and push it, and that's sort of what this feels like. 

I had a little anxiety about the long work day ahead, the little breaks hardly enough to get into anything let alone just resting my eyes from work. And then it hit me, and I've projected my mind to tonight and the train ride home and the switch I just turned on and I get it. I'm in the zone you could say. 

Sometimes even if you don't get any writing out, or just a few lines of editing, it's worth it to just get switched into the zone. 



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