It matters not what you do, but what you think you are doing? Is this true? Or a lie? Fooling yourself. Like that family member who says they lost ten pounds, while they shove a pastry down their gullet. In their mind they are an Adonis, or Aphrodite (are those the names?). And that donut is the elixir to all their woes. It is demolished and melted down a tube only to be burned for a magical energy that stimulates weight-loss. At least in their eyes. They glow, inside shaking with exuberance. They throw their head up to the sky and dance. Happiness envelopes them in a sugary coating, fat encrusting on flat surfaces. Twisting and turning, they spin and sing and dance and--


Put that donut down. You have work to do. It's Monday. And thinking is the first step. Open your eyes, cats dancing all around. On cupboards, cabinets, tables, and chairs. Roiling about in ecstasy upon nip of cat. They don't think this, they know this. This is their reality. The other cats all around don't shape their view. They just understand one thing. To wag their tale and beg for food. They must not fail, or they don't eat.


But that won't cut it. You need water, too. And your view can get muddled if you strew too much bird seed about, the birds twittering as you close your ears to escape the nonsense. No more posts! Too many birds to stand on them!




Block it out.


Think then do.




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