Here we are. Another day another dollar, but sometimes that dollar is just fifty cents. And yet we keep moving forward, pulling on. Crawling at some point, perhaps--if we didn't take care of ourselves or were highly unlucky. But some continue, clawing at the cliff's edge so as not to fall into the abyss, never to be seen again. Yet still with ourselves. We came into this world alone and will leave that way, so look around and make this world your own. Now. Because what you see today will only be a memory burned onto your mind later, fading slowly as the light does at twilight. And night takes its grip all too tightly as you search, eyes wide, for that which had just zoomed right by. Gone as you watch the sand slide silkily through your fingers. No matter how tightly you push them together you can't stop that escape. Escape!


Escape! This. If at least only for a moment.


Look around. Dance. Hold on to the day until your hands get tired and you release and fall into another. And grip again. Use your eyes, wise now with the knowledge that this all slips away like the sand, and in the end, you have...


What did you just think? What was that though?


Ponder that.




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