Cherish Every Day

Jubilee, except maybe not as long, the length, but still extended, for your viewing pleasure. The weekend. It's been happening for quite some time now, and even before they were able to calculate days. Depends on how you look at it: perspective. They? Sure. Whoever you want them to be. But we're here, the weekend, and it's joyous, it's wonderful. Rest. Or don't. But you mustn't waste it. 
Look around. Dig your heels into the ground. Don't let them pull you along by the invisible rope that tightens each day. Loosen it up. Loosen up. Relax just for the sake of relaxing. There's time. Or is there? 
Of course. Life is what you make of it. So create it well. Think as you sculpt. But remember to help others, too. Because that adds to it all. Don't you see? Figuratively, because the big picture is too big to take in with your eyes. Or mind. 

All the past is in the past. Sip a drink and think about this, maybe in front of a fireplace, maybe around a table, with the ones you love and care about most. A toast. Spirits or simply water. Maybe a conversation to reactivate the past. Just don't live there. Remember. And let it lead you into the days ahead. 
Cherish every day. 


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