Sending Out and Finishing Up

As the winter months near, I've heard the literary industry winds down a bit. Perhaps to get ready for the new year. Now, I know this can't be totally true, because nothing really grinds to a halt. 

But I can understand that it may be a greater undertaking to obtain an agent, or have a book accepted by a publisher than it is after the holidays. 

You can still send things out, and then take your break. Or, rather, catch up on some writing during those cold, winter months. 

I'm trying to finish up a couple of stories to get out there. I already have two out at the moment. And with Gary away for work and having slowed down on the YouTube videos, I am making space to get some writing done. 

I've gone back to a way of thinking--after coming back from vacation this year--I was in when I started planning how i'd go at social media. I've found a rhythm at the moment. 

I never really liked social media, having to constantly push yourself out there just to be relevant. Then there are the accounts who follow you only to unfollow you to grow their followers. It all seems so false. 

Of course there are many great people out there, and going at social media how you want, at your pace, is the wisest thing. Don't worry about what people think. The most important thing I'm here for is to write. Create. 

What I need to do now is finish up the novels and get them out to agents. Then I can enjoy the winter months ahead. Writing some more. 

Ah, and don't forget Halloween. Above are some pictures from a local Home Depot, which has their Halloween stuff out already. 

Talk soon. 



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