Pumpkin Spice is Everywhere

Was out and about again, today had to do some food shopping. Ended up going to Trader Joe's. Got a few more pumpkins. My daughter wanted different color gourds. Trader Joe's had them cheaper than Stop N Shop, which had them for .99 cents each. 

Pumpkin spice was everywhere. It's funny how many things have the flavor in it. I even picked up this baby pumpkin pie from a local bakery. Now, pumpkin pie I can eat all year round. I can't get enough of it. It just personifies the season. 

The biggest deal being coffee places. Starbucks has the pumpkin spice cold brew now--of which I haven't tasted yet. I want to. 

I picked up a peppermint mocha coffee creamer, however. I was using the Reese's Peanut Butter cup one, but thought I'd try this. And this company has just gone Non-GMO. So that's a plus. I only like pumpkin spice once, or twice. Then the rest of the season I'm good. Until the eggnog latte comes out. Then it's on. And I can drink that one way more than once or twice. 

All in all it's cool. It's interesting and wonderful to see the changes happening, life being life. Keeping the negative things away. 

Now, I have a few things I have to work on, so I'll get to it. 

Talk soon. 



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