I've Got to PUSH!

I've been really trying to get stories out there, but time hasn't been on my side. 

I love editing the YouTube videos, but sometimes it becomes such a chore, especially when it gets in the way of writing. 

I know it takes time, but it's been moving slowly. And I need more subscriptions. I know it's hard to ask for them, plus, when I watch videos I forget to like sometimes and have to go back. Even subscriptions. I go back to the content creator, but forget to subscribe. 

There are times I look at my Word document longingly, wanting to get into it and work on it, but I know I'm going to be interrupted. And I know all the things I've tried to combat that, but there are times when it's just not easy. 

I'll be physically tired, and mentally it takes a big hit. Emotionally plays a bit into the equation, as well. 

I know this are all things that most creators go through. Whatever the art form you choose to drop into the sentence. It just happens, and it depends on how bad you want success that decides the ultimate outcome, in the end. 

I have to really buckle down. And I don't want to be hard on myself, either. But sometimes instead of that extra YouTube show, or what have you, you have to open your word processor and get to your dream. Yeah, I'll leave it there, for now. 



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