Been so Busy

It's been a bit busy after coming off of vacation. Work should be slowing a bit, but it's going faster because people are off, and it hasn't fully slowed. 

The next two weeks should be slower, just before school starts, but then it's full swing once again. 

Even so, I've been getting in more writing than ever. Over the vacation I've realized a few things and adjusted. 

Took a break from the videos, as well. More will be coming very soon. 

It may look like I'm on social media less, and that's probably because I have been. I do not want to just post things that aren't relevant. Plus, the time wasted on there is time I could be creating. 

The whole reason I had started social media is after listening to a podcast, and other sources, that said it is wise to get your voice out there and build up as you throw your stories out to the wild for consideration. 

I have gained great friends, but, as with everything else, there is always the possibility of negative interactions. 

It is very important, for your art and for your sanity, to steer clear of this. It is only going to lead to more negativity and burnout. 

I've sat on a nice handful of stories I either hadn't fully finished, or are halfway done. Some are even in the final stages of completion. But procrastination got the better of me and I have done nothing. But that's not totally true, because the stories are there. So... I've got some work to do. 

I keep thinking what is the best thing to write on here, but come back to this. The blog is my thoughts. As when I started, this is currently about a writer from start to publication. After that I'll figure out where it will go. Will be interesting to see the progression from a different perspective. 

So. I'm going to get back to some writing. I've got my coffee leaf. Talk soon. 



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