Sky's the Limit--submit!

Ok. So my first short story is almost complete. OCD? Yes. But I feel I feel I got it to a place I want it to be it's going to be. I want it to be clear to the reader. When I finish my novel manuscript will it be torn apart by some editor? Yes. But that's a different ball game. A short story will still be checked and changes might be made, but it's not in the same category as a novel-length piece. 

So this is why I'm scrutinizing it carefully--not as many eyes will be judging it before it's published as with a novel. 

I have an idea of where I want to send it, and I hope that pans out, but ultimately this will be a regular occurrence and I'll be submitting many stories all over the place in the weeks to come.  

I just want people to read my stories and escape. I want them to go to another world, but not just that. I want them to see, to feel, hear, and smell in their mind--even if it’s not necessarily the one I intended (hopefully in a good wayl😊). I hope to allow induce abandonment of their current state of mind to take a ride with me for those moments they are reading. 

Once the snowball is rolling, it will just get bigger and bigger. There is no limit. As Biggie Smalls said in Sky's the limit. 

Ok, back to writing. 



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