Bring Back That Feeling

Don't loose the feeling you had that brought you to writing in the first place, or you may find you don't want to write anymore.

I was thinking and realized through the same process that allows me to create stories (and anxiety, wink), once you loose that feeling you loose that special something that brought you to this, that's it. It may come back, but sometimes that's not the case. It's wouldn't feel the same.

Think about it, something traumatizing happens and it sticks with you for the rest of your life--if it's traumatizing enough. Sometimes the trauma dulls, but as Metallica says in the song, the memory remains.

So remind yourself of what it was that brought you to the game when you started. You read something that made you say, "I can do that better," or you found that you love to create stories at work when everyone gathers around for your weekend tales. Whatever it is, hold on to it. And don't loose faith.



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