Jump in!

Want to write? Get your feet wet a bit? So I've been at this blog thing for almost 2 years I'd say. I had started the blog earlier than that, but hadn't really touched I it until I turned it into an actual site. I have to say that writing one certainly loosens you up (even though there are days I cringe at some posts) . Think about it. You write a story and become nervous when it's time to show people, but if you're "writing" has already been out there for all to see (blogs) , and you know some have seen it from the numbers Google shows, then that edge is taken off a bit. No? You also sharpen your skills, sort of like getting into a truck when you've been driving sedans for years.

It's not an easy thing, and you can drop the ball a bit when doing a blog, but it's almost like a sloppy version of editing if you think of it. Once a thought is out, you go to the next instead of deleting the older versions. And with the blog, don't go back and look at the older stuff (unless there are glaring mistakes someone points out), because it's good to see how far you've come—plus you'll want the extra time for your stories. 

You will evolve. Over time, people reading your posts will be able to see how you've evolved. And that's a good thing for future agents, editors and publishers. They can get a taste of how you come across, if you write clear, your voice, etc. 

The way I got focused with the blog is a movie director friend at work threatened (jokingly I hope) to purchase my web name wcmarchese. He later told me he was going to give it to me, that he was just pushing, and I hope that was true. But at that moment, I got nervous, which he probably knew I'd get, and I rushed and purchased the site name faster than him--we were literally racing with laptops during our lunch break to get this. I ended up purchasing the name and started the blog. I kept telling myself, I'll do this one day, I'll get it started, but never quite did it. It brings to mind a saying, "Jump, and you will find out how to unfold your wings as you fall." Ray Bradbury. And this was perfectly that sort of a situation. Of course there were other cliffs to dive off of, but this was what I needed to push forward at that moment. 

And another good example: Just recently, a fellow writer said I should join a group I've been researching to join for quite a while. Sometimes it just takes that extra push before you jump off your cliff. Sometimes it's info you knew already, and you just need to hear it from another person. 

So jump off that cliff, build your wings, you may find a wonderful body of water at the bottom, with a beach, and the water is beautiful. 



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