We Can Do It!

You can walk outside and get inspiration from anything. That’s why sometimes working a day job is good. Or of you’re in the position of not needing money because your writing is paying the bills, then you can do  volunteer work. But the point here is bringing out ideas. Just walking down the street can conjure up a scene, or even a whole novel.

I was recently thinking about how you can sit behind the paper to write and think this won't happen again, I've done my best. Or you put something aside and say you’ll get to it later, you’ve reached the peak for that moment and more will come later. But then that time comes and you feel you can't go over that peak. You felt you might have that special feeling later, but when that time comes you get cold feet and nothing comes into your mind. You see your earlier self and loath him/her, because they had something and passed the torch you your current self with confidence you could do it, but you find out you can’t.

But if you sit down and just start writing, something takes over. You had thought you would never surpass what you wrote in that amazing story, but if you fast forward to when you're a best selling author and you pick up a news paper. It says, BEST OF ALL OTHER WORK and you look down and read a description of your novel. It's being touted that you still have it, that you keep pumping out hits. And then you sit back in your chair and take a sip of coffee (or tea, if that's what you want) and think back to the very first story you wrote, or even your third, and you see the ladder you climbed to get to the point you are today, how easy it is to sit down and just write something now, but back then, oh boy. You know all of the ins and outs now, all of the branches you can take and what works to make your story great.

Crazy perspective, but think about it. If you really want to be a writer, an author, you have to make it happen. You have to sit down and write and make these stories, over and over and over. Some may be terrible, some ok, and some will be awesome. But you have to keep writing until you can't. Take a break, then write some more. Sort of like milking a cow. The ideas keep coming back and you have to get them out and onto the paper. You can clean it up later, you can cut and paste and all that other good editing fun. But get it out. Sometimes you'll trash 90 percent (100 percent) of what you did, but that 10 percent is what you need. And if you trashed 100 percent, you may have created an idea that your next session will utilize. Nothing is wasted.

It's like one of those diet programs, where the person says I never thought it would work for me, but they did it and look they lost weight. It's not different for anyone. You can do it.

Sometimes when I think I can't do something I like to think of Stephen Hawking. This man writes books, does town halls, TV. If I'm not mistaken, all he can do is twitch his cheek. And some people crawl out of bed and have a small ache, or sniffle and whoa that’s it, no work today. Please. You can do it. You will do it. WE will do it.

Now get out there and WRITE!!! (Or [insert creative endeavor here]).



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