Active and Passive Voice

What I post helps me in a particular way, but may not help you unless you modify it. Though, it may help you off the bat. Please do your own research on any subject I discuss. 

With that out of the way, something I've come across in my formula for perfecting my story is the Active and Passive voice. 

While there are times when the Passive Voice is necessary, (maybe to slow things down, or some other effect like possibly throwing off your reader) active voice is easier and more entertaining to read. It gets to the point and doesn't make the reader have to wait, which can be very annoying. 

Try changing some of your sentences and see how it works for you. I will discuss more perhaps in another post about this subject. 

I have a link below that is an excellent example of this subject. There are many more if you Google Active vs. Passive. Very interesting stuff:



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