Popping In For A Bit

It's been a bit. Have been pretty busy, but that's sort of expected around this time of the year. 

I re-did The Cat in long hand, script, and like the way it evolved. I will be working full-time on this to get it out and then going back to my first novel. Going to further explore writing by hand as it slows things down a bit to think. Also, I have become more conscious of privacy and  using other, more open, methods to write. So my answer is long hand, at least until the day job is a memory. 

Had to re-evaluate a few goals, but things are still going pretty good for a guy with a 3 year old and a full time job :) 

Been thinking about a few new writing tactics, too. How to make dialogue sound more realistic, not just with the actual dialogue itself, but spacing it out with the actions of the characters between what they say. There is a way and I am going to find the formula. Very important if you want your audience to get lost in your story. 

And that's what I want, someone to escape life and live in another world, even if that world is just walking down a city street. I want them to be sacked into the story and escape life and the terrible news stories and realities. Maybe they can go back to life with a different outlook, maybe they can feel better about things. 

That's when you know you have the magic. 

Now if this darn Windows would hurry and update already I could keep writing! 



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