Get Rest

Friday. Posted Sunday. 

Feeling better. I'm realizing why I was a mess from when I had started all this OT in the beginning. But then after a ton of Google searching (not the best thing to do sometimes, though it is less frightening than a couple years back I must say) I figured out it's most likely my rest. All work no play makes Will a dull boy? Well, that was a true statement, I guess. Lol heeeres Willy. Ahem. Um. Yeah. 

But it's very important to take a rest. You can push limits, but you need your foundation. You need that base to build from. 

My loosing interest in things all goes back to about the time I was getting very busy with the overtime and cutting the important rest. And even though I'm feeling better I'm not fooling myself. I need more before I expect anything significant.

My lack of creativity, wanting to do the things I love. Just don't feel it at the moment. 

So don't put yourself on hold. Live today. 



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