Michael's Has Fall and Halloween Stuff Out!


I made it to Michael's today. I always love going. It sparks something in me; a creative feeling. And while they didn't have as far as Christmas stuff out, they did have Fall and even some Halloween items on the shelves. 

I took pictures of the various decorations and goodies. 

While a tad more bare than usual, they did have a fair amount of merchandise on the shelves. 

A new thing as of late is the self-checkout counters. An omen of what is to come from the robots. My wife and I did wait for one of the cashiers. But we had to remind them of one of the coupons on the app. While the self-checkout machine might have pulled it up automatically. I can't be sure, because I didn't use one. But I'd say it would be very possible for that to be the case. 

I remember I used to love to find those machines, so I didn't have to use a person with an attitude at the supermarket. Little did I know how far it would go? Because although it doesn't seem like a big deal just yet; when coupled with what's been going on in the news and companies making such a big push to AI, it's becoming a sign of the times. 


Michael's had their ScaryTown stuff up--the little scenes and sculptures that when put together seem to make up a Halloween neighborhood. 

Anyway. Enjoy the photos and your weekend. 

See you next time. 



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