Missed Opportunities

 Looking back I see many days without a post. I see many opportunities for me to have put my thoughts up here, but missed them because I either thought I'd put it off until later, or I'd think of a more polished way to present them. 

Sometimes that moment never comes. In fact, a lot of the time. Things come up. You put it all on hold and later the ideas look spoiled, aged. I think, well, I can try and go back and remember what I was feeling in that moment. But it's gone. 

Writing (to me) is the same. Except you can wait here and there (it's a bit more forgiving) and editing is definitely the way to go. But on a different scale, my writing has been put off in the past(and probably will be in the future) because I wasn't in the mood, or I wanted to wait for the thoughts to mature. But then I end up loosing them because I couldn't remember the feeling and moment I was in. 

I had said before that this was, in sorts, a dump for my thoughts as well as a platform for my creative endeavors. Also article showcases for my various interests. I have a model and I have to stick by it. Those who see an article about tech will probably only read that article, and maybe see the labels for articles like it that may pique their interest. Perhaps some may like an open window into my mind, or maybe they don't care and just want the info in those articles. Either way, I'd rather that they come away with something than be overwhelmed. 

I have to figure out a way to make this more streamlined and less chaotic. Though, it's not the worst I've seen. 

Okay. I'll have to post more often, so the ideas don't go stale. Because then I'd have to use writing MSG, and I heard that's not so good for your health. 



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