New Year, New Innovation

It's a bit past a week into the new year, and how many people have already reneged on their resolutions, I'm sure. It's okay, it happens every year. Some have stuck to them. Most of the battle is at least trying. And nowhere does it say you can't get back into them even if you've failed. 

I've been messing around, as usual, with different writing techniques. And even though it had been slow at the job during the holidays, with changing schedules and moving around to other locations to cover, I've still been mentally exhausted and haven't had much time to put all the notes I'd made coherently together. 

I managed to get a little done, but not enough. Though, anything is good. And I am working off of that at the moment. 

But yeah. So I received blue tooth headphones which I'd wanted. I was excited. I love them. Then I talk to someone and remember all my extensive research on certain things so decided to take a look and WHOA! All the old tests conducted relating to cell phones seem to have come back with a vengeance. 

All over the internet are how these things are bad, and give radiation so close to the brain--because we stick them into our ears, you know? Blood-brain barrier, soft tissue, etc. 

Of course, some said there was little to worry about, 1/100 percent of the power of a cell phone, just be wary. And yet others say not to worry at all. Ugh! 

It's the same with anything that is unknown. It can hurt, or it can be a wonderful thing. 

Me messing around with new styles, I feel, may pay off greatly in the future. Though, some think sticking to the tried-and-true method is best. Perhaps, to some degree, it may be. But then there is evolution. Growing with the changing times. Authors of the past acclimate to the changing styles. Perhaps they keep what made them them, they have to, I mean, how do you tell them apart otherwise. But they do it with how today's audience consumes literature. 

I've had a fellow writer critique a story of mine where I went totally off the rails. But I was trying to find something out. It didn't pan out well, but that's okay. Back to the drawing board. 

I've seen writers who used to write fifty pages of background before they get into the actual story, and people loved that--probably most still do. But today they've toned it down a bit, to capture the newer literature market that perhaps has a shorter attention span than readers of yesteryear. 

Change isn't a bad thing. Drastic change, maybe. But that is another subject. 

Do these earbuds pose a danger the way some scientists warn? Are they a way of the future without wires to circumvent aggravating maneuvers of keeping tight train car occupants from snagging them out of your ears when the slip by onto the train? Future research and time will tell. A lot of cellphone companies have made the switch from headphone jacks to totally wireless. So let's see. 

Is it a waste to try and write differently, to learn a new method, perhaps, that will shape the way I write scenes in the future? Time will tell. 

And is it a waste to get right back into your resolutions if you go off track a bit (or fail miserably)? 

No. Failure is the mother of innovation, or something like that. So fail, it's okay. But get back up again and continue to try. 

That's what I'm gonna do. 



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