Is It Worth It?

I wonder sometimes, when I feel I've lost that fire that keeps me wanting to write, wanting to create. I think back to when things were simple and I sat down and read a book without thinking about it. I enjoyed it. I got the inspiration to do the same. I already had the stories in my head, and now I had some sort of feasible structure to go by--even though it's not as easy as it seams. And I even had a little cafe fantasy (which in decent doses isn't dangerous and can actually help if it motivates). 

I still feel this way, but sometimes reading and writing feels different. Not as pure as it used to feel. 

I find myself getting caught up in social media, in what is going on in the world, how busy I am and not being able to read as much as I want. I think back to various articles I've read where the author was writing fine, took a creative writing course, or something similar, and then couldn't find that thing that got them going in the first place. 

I guess the term "creative writing course" in this case could be a term used to represent many situations. 

It falls on the creator to figure out where things went off the rails, I suppose. What are they doing different from before when things were going good. 

If I had to pinpoint a spot, I'd probably say social media is where things got a bit out of hand. I had listened to a writing podcast that said it's pretty much a necessity these days to have a professional presence online--for future publishers to go, hey, look at this guy/girl, this is how many sales we can potentially expect, more or less. This isn't exactly the case, but one of the factors they take into consideration--and a good reason for having the social media thing going. 

It can be fun, addictive, but can get one in great trouble, as well--as we've seen with big names in the news. (Whoa, a lot of em-dashes today.) 

I really should be building this presence, as should anyone else who is serious about what they want to achieve. But am I doing it the right way? Am I on this thing way too much? 

One of the goals I looked to achieve in the new year was to use social media a lot less--to use it more focused, at least. If I retweet a post, it's usually because I read that article, or book, or whatever, and thought someone else could find something useful from it. Apposed to before where I'd retweet willy nilly. 

It's a useful tool if used properly. It can even be fun. But as professionals, one wants to be careful because things can be posted that merge private with what one wants to be seen as their work. And this is where problems can arise. 

Everyone's experience is different. But when all is said and done, and the analysis has been done, whether you think I'm right or wrong, just think about what makes more sense. And that is to focus on creating than to be on a site that eats up a good portion of the day, and mind. 

I thought about it. How many posts had I made, and check and check, and liked, and retweeted, and then looked up from this electric world to see what's before me and feel terrible I wasn't spending more time with my kid, or spouse, or family, friends? To me, it's not worth it--getting sucked in I mean. 

Of course there is a point to it. And can be a great experience, with a little tweaking. But, at least for me, I'm going to try and put the phone down and get some work done. 

Well, I'm going to just that, right now. Talk soon. 



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