Don't Overdo It

It's not a good idea to edit too much. I used to be part of this camp. Editing should definitely be done. The problem arises when you overdo it, or procrastinate and go back to that work out of boredom and creating new material.
Now don't get me wrong, if something doesn't seem right, you have to correct it. But just like fixing one part on an old car can make other parts bust, the same thing can happen to your writing.
If something isn't working, sometimes it's best to just trash it and start over. Maybe it's an omen. Funny thing, one time I lost a big portion of writing that I LOVED, it was perfect, and so I went back and rewrote the scene, and then later found the document. Guess what, it was just about exactly the same. I've read a writer say to rewrite your story instead of editing it, because it will be the same, but any kinks will be ironed out from the bottom up. 

I've read the difference between a writer and author is a writer keeps writing. An author looks back on their last work and doesn't move forward. Interesting read.



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